Thursday, January 29, 2009

Reaching Out Loud

This initial blog entry should probably describe my intentions as a blogger. The name reachingoutloud is a play on words and suggests I’ll be blogging about what I believe is the primary responsibility of every Christian – to openly demonstrate God’s love to those who don’t know Him. I intend to offer practical insights on being a light of evangelism in the dark world that most of us live in.

Outward Focus
Steve Sjogren’s book Outflow changed my paradigm of ministry. I learned that my life is to be filled to the brim with God’s love, joy and hope. It starts with a deep relationship with God, then flows out to touch my family and friends, my neighbors and my world.

Tending the Flock
Most churches invest the majority of their time, money and people power on tending the flock. (I was the pastor of a small rural church for almost seven years, so I know the importance of growing up God’s family). Yet the biggest step of maturity is when Christians learn to reach out beyond their own needs and serve others.

My process of maturity began in 1980 when I became born again and began attending Living Word Christian Center. The first years were spent at the feet of my pastors-teachers Mac and Lynne Hammond. There came a point, however, when I knew I needed to become a steward of the truths they taught. That's when I entered the minstry of helps and began reaching out loud.

The Church Has Left the Building
When it comes to the question of where should the church invest it's resource, I must admit that I am biased. If the church is to reach it’s full potential, it must equip the saints for the work of the ministry. This work is primarily outside it's four walls.

That is where I live. That’s how I think. Outreach consumes my life. The Lord has seen to it that I am able to reach out and get paid for it - although I would do it free.

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  1. Great blog Pastor Phil... Isn't it great that the world created all of these great FREE tools for us to spread the gospel and communicate with the saints? Keep it up!


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