Monday, October 5, 2009

Does Your Church Need a Community Outreach Team?

Some Ideas for You to Consider when Evaluating Your Effectiveness

When looking at innovative ways to reach out to your community, do not overlook meeting the basic needs of your community. Community outreach is not always limited to reaching out to them with the gospel of Christ. It also means reaching out to them and providing basic needs, necessities, sense of community and showing love and hospitality to those around you.

I recently heard our Middle School pastor relate a story about a homeless man who used to come to our church regularly begging, coming for free meals on Wednesday nights, who was very antagonistic towards God and all Christian or "religious folk."

A month or so ago, a gentleman came to the church receptionist and asked to see our Middle School Pastor. The Pastor recognized the name but was having a hard time putting a face with a name. When he came down to see the man they engaged in polite conversation and the mans countenance completely changed. His eyes started welling up with tears and he inquired "You don't know who I am do you?" Our Pastor stated that he did not know who he was.

Well, he ended up telling the Pastor who he was and what the love shown to him by the church had done for him. He had turned his life over to the Lord and experienced the life changing love of Him. He mentioned that it was the love, patience and generosity of the people from our church. That even when he was antagonistic and ungrateful they continued to love on him and provide for his needs.

Tears were pouring down his face at this time when he further shared that now he had his own apartment, had a job, was getting ready to buy his own home and was a completely changed person. He just wanted to stop by and say thanks to those who spent time with him. Wow! We serve an awesome God and praise the Lord for his working in the lives of His children!

I share the above story with you as a demonstration of the needs of a community above our presenting the Gospel to them. So, when you are considering a Community Outreach Team or effort, consider all the needs and meet them where you can and where they will be most effective.

by The Scotsman April 14, 2008

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  1. Reaching the lost can be tough today. Read (The Cross and the Psychiatrist) for a thrilling story on what brought me back to God. Find it at or google it.


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